Lifestyle – Ralph Lauren

There are so many fashion designers who have turned their talents to designing for the home, arguably Ralph Lauren has the strongest and

most recognisable brand of them allĀ  with a coherent look across the various ranges.

Perhaps for this reason one of the key collections this season is titled ‘Iconic’ – as the range seeks to highlight natural raw materials

with sophisticated classic shapes “showcasing Ralph Lauren’s most recognisable influences – from the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age to

the western frontier”.

Downtown Modern is another recent collection where the designer references the sleek penthouse lifestyle, with leather, wood and steel

accents, in a minimal graphic colour palette.

There are many ways to incorporate the latest Ralph Lauren look into your home – from the stunning ranges themselves (available globally

- see here for their stores) or from simply including the classic combo of black and white in your interiors, incorporating textures,

mirrors and candles to add that touch of glamour!

We’d love to hear about your own Ralph Lauren-inspired interior!

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